Wiren Board is the first investment of the fund Impulse VC in microelectronics and Internet of Things

26 September 2014

Impulse VC invests in the company “Contactless devices” which is developing a platform of Wiren Board – a multifunctional controller for home and industrial automation. Wiren Board is a compact embedded computer with a set of wireless peripherals. It can be used as a smart home controller; support of industrial working conditions allows its use in the industry.

The company is also actively engaged in development of wireless sensors and household controllers for “Internet of things” sector.

“Wiren Board is a great example of how a small team can create an innovative product with a strong technical component in the hardware market. Their solutions in the field of single-board computers are already in demand in the corporate sector. ‘I am sure that the fusion of our investments, accumulated competencies and know-how allows the company to grow faster and enter other markets, including Smart Home market’, - Managing partner of Impulse VC, Mr. Kirill Belov, comments upon the transaction.