ImpulseVC investing into RTB-Media

13 May 2014

Impulse VC has funded a RTB-Media project – a service involving automation of purchasing of media advertisement on the Internet. The total amount of joint investments with Moscow Seed Fund stands at 15M rubles. The funding will be allocated for product development, sales increase, and new partners’ networking. Analysis and enhancement of the efficiency of audience data will be a special area of efforts.

RTB-Media is developing a Trading Desk platform, which is a Saas service allowing advertisers to place media advertisements via the RTB technology (Real-Time-Bidding) and enhancing the efficiency of advertising campaigns through access to analytics and a host of sources of data on target audiences.

"The first months of project launching have shown that demand for programmatic campaigns exceeds the possibilities of data operators: advertisers are willing to buy the attention of audiences and have a good understanding of it. Nevertheless, the market offering regarding audience buying is inadequate. That’s why we will aim our efforts at expanding our own technological stack towards data collecting and processing, as well as at instruments of contextual targeting," states Alexander Minakov, RTB-Media cofounder and director.

"We continue to strengthen our position on the market of automation and management of advertising campaigns. This increases the synergy in the operations of portfolio companies and offers unique opportunities to advertisers," commented on the deal Vadim Diakov, Impulse VC investment manager.